SEC extends deadline for shareholding consolidation to december 31st, 2019


Dear Valued Client,

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has extended by 1 year, the deadline for consolidation of multiple accounts into a single account by December 31, 2019 (previous deadline was December 31, 2018).

The affected investors are those that:

  1. Subscribed to shares of the same company with different name combinations or multiple/different names during public offers.
  2. Shares purchased through Stockbrokers, Registrars, Banks or other Capital Market Operators in any combinations of names.
  3. Unclaimed Dividends arising from the purchase of shares of the same company using different names.

The Commission, after a review of the progress made so far, decided to extend the exercise to allow more Investors key into the initiative and take possession of their outstanding unclaimed dividends and bonuses.

Should you have any enquiries on the above, please contact us on either or

Thank you.

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