Nigeria to get £25bn FDI, aids from UK


Nigeria’s Diaspora Ambassador and the Director of Global NGO Executive Committee, Mrs Olasubomi Iginla- Aina, says Nigeria may get £25 billions foreign direct investment from UK to boost economy.

Iginla-Aina disclosed this after an official meeting with the UK Foriegn Affairs Committee (FAC), Parliament selected committee where they recommended policy reforms to reposition Nigeria.committee.

The event which was held in London, evolved around national development plan strong enough to address  the multiple challenges faced in the nation.

She said the plan focused on achieving security stability, education transformation and attention on small and medium scale enterprises.

“In a small focus group of about  13 Nigerians, emphasis on the need for Nigeria to seek better means to tackle the menace, as suggestions and modalities that could be a game changer in helping in the long-term sustainable- development of Nigeria. 

The Chairperson of the House of Commons, Foreign Affairs Select Committee   Tom Tugendhat  (MP) said there could be around £25 Billions available to be spent as Foreign Direct Investments/Aids for Nigeria’s development plan.

Iginla-Aina added she was actively involved in order to firm up strategies towards addressing the growing crisis and major challenges faced in  Nigeria.

This is another opportunity offered to encourage foreign partners to collaborate for the progress of our nation. 

“The plan was necessary in order to bring about a society and economy that works for all, especially the poor and vulnerable, adding that such plan, among other things, must promote economic diversification, be modern, ambitious, realistic and flexible.

She explained that, the participants were divided into three groups having members of the select committee on FAC who represented in each of the group. 

Further more,each of the group  had to discuss on three major topics: that includes, Small and Medium Enterprise, Education and Security. 


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