Nigeria, Angola Consume $9.9bn US Dairy, Beer


Nigeria and Angola are leading other African countries in importation of agricultural imports valued at $9.9 billion from United States. The imports consummated over a period of one year include dairy, frozen chicken, prepared foods, wine, beer, beef, condiments and sauces. While Nigeria imported $5.8 billion goods, Angola’s imports were valued at $4.1 billion between 2015/16 sessions.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) said that imports to Nigeria had increased nearly twice as fast as South Africa’s over the last five years by 52 per cent. Consequently, it noted Nigeria had overtaken South Africa as the largest importer in sub- Saharan Africa, mainly due to its growing market for consumer- oriented goods.

It said: “While Nigeria’s imports of bulk commodities, mainly wheat and rice, fluctuate greatly, the growing demand for consumer-oriented goods bodes well for U.S exporters. Dairy, prepared foods, wine and beer, condiments and sauces all have growth potential in Nigeria.” Also, data from the United States Department of Trade (USDT) revealed that the Nigeria had exported goods valued at $2.05 billion between January 2015 and January 2016.

However, it said Nigeria recorded trade surplus last January with US, when it imported goods valued at $131 million and exported $178 million goods, which led to a surplus of $47 million. Also in Angola, USDT noted that foreign agricultural products, totaling $4.1 billion were shipped from United States. It said that United States had become the largest poultry exporter to Angola since 2014, by controlling 55 per cent of its poultry market.

The USDT added: “The majority of current U.S poultry exports are frozen cut chicken, leaving room for increased exports of frozen cut turkey, which could help offset decreasing demand in East Asia. In addition, there is potential for increased U.S exports of beef variety meats, wine and beer, prepared foods, dairy products, and pork products.

The United States’ largest competitor is the EU, which accounts for 40 per cent of the Angolan import market.” Other markets for US agricultural products are Benin and Ghana. It was revealed that Benin serves as a strategic trans-shipment point to Nigeria. The USDT said that Benin recorded $2.2 billion in agricultural imports from United States, noting that while Benin imports gulped $426 million, about $1.7 billion goods were trans-shipped to Nigeria and other landlocked countries. Besides, it explained that Ghana, which was a promising new market for its exports, accounted for only seven per cent or $1.8 billion in agricultural imports.

The USDT said: “The United States is already the largest poultry exporter to Ghana, having wrested market share away from the EU and Brazil. “In 2014, U.S. poultry exports set a record at $68 million and accounted for 36 per cent of Brazil’s total $188 million poultry market. Ghana’s steady economic growth has fueled new demand among the rising middle class for consumer-oriented products, including poultry, beef, dairy, and prepared foods.”

Source: New Telegraph


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