Five bidders allowed to access data room for 9mobile –NCC


Five companies shortlisted for possible taakeover of digital mobile operator, 9mobile, have been directed to proceed to data room stage, the Nigerian Communications Commission has said.

The Executive Vice Chairman, NCC, Prof. Umar Danbattaa, said this in an interview with journalists in Abuja on Thursday, during the 82nd edition of the Nigerian Telecom Consumer parliament.

Danbatta who indicated that the NCC was supervising the takeover process alongside the Central Bank of Nigeria, said the final bidder that would be allowed to take over the mobile operator, formerly known as Etisalat Nigeria, must have the financial and technical capabilities to run the company.

He said, “Five bidders have emerged for 9mobile. They have been allowed to assess the data room of 9mobile in order to enable them to assess the financial status of the company and subsequently make bids for its takeover. But the takeover must be in a regulated manner.

“The CBN and the NCC are supervising what is going on through an interim board jointly appointed by the NCC and the CBN. We are going to do due diligence on the financial capacity of any potential bidder as well as the technical capacity.

“In the final analysis, we will like to see a 9Mobile taken over by a bidder who has the financial and technical capacity to improve on the operations of the telco and add value in delivery of qualitative telecoms services in the country.”

Speaking on Value Added Services, which was the theme of the consumer parliament, Danbatta said there was a need to balance the value the services would bring to consumer experience, with expectation of less intrusive service.

He said, “Value Added Service is an important service necessary for optimising the benefits of telecoms services to the consumers. It enables in a very special way social media and e-commerce activities that might be useful to the consumer while offering a veritable tool for entrepreneurs and businesses in this modern and mobile age of the Internet of Things.

Source: Punch

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