ExxonMobil invests $6.6bn in exploration


ExxonMobil has committed $6.6 billion into exploration and other capital projects, indicating 69 percent up from the prior year.

In its latest report obtained by Sweetcrude, the company disclosed that the investments were made in Brazil, the U.S. Permian Basin and Indonesia.

The company stated: “Oil-equivalent production was 3.6 million barrels per day, down 7 percent from the second quarter of 2017

“Excluding entitlement effects and divestments, liquids production increased as growth in the Permian and Bakken in the U.S. and Hebron in Canada more than offset decline and higher downtime driven by scheduled maintenance.

“Natural gas volumes decreased 10 percent, excluding entitlement effects and divestments, largely due to a continuing shift in U.S. unconventional development from dry gas to liquids and to downtime in Qatar, Australia, and Papua New Guinea.

“Key projects in Guyana, the U.S. Permian Basin, Brazil, Mozambique and Papua New Guinea are positioning us well to meet the objectives we outlined in our long-term earnings growth plans. The high quality of these resources, combined with our strengths in project execution and innovation, will generate strong value over time,” said Darren W. Woods, chairman and chief executive officer.

“Second quarter results were primarily impacted by significant scheduled maintenance undertaken to support operational integrity. In addition, while we were pleased with the return of full production following the PNG earthquake, extended recoveries from first quarter operational incidents in the Downstream were disappointing.

“However, good progress was made during the second quarter in fully recovering from these incidents.”

It stated: “Crude prices strengthened in the second quarter, while natural gas prices were mixed. U.S. tight oil growth in the Permian and Bakken continued, reaching over 250,000 oil-equivalent barrels per day in the second quarter, an increase of 30 percent from the same period last year.”

“The Hebron field in Canada continued to exceed expectations, ramping up to 25,000 oil-equivalent barrels per day in the second quarter. Natural gas volumes were impacted by lower seasonal demand in Europe, deliberate near-term shifting of investments in U.S. unconventionals from gas to liquids and downtime in LNG operations, notably in Qatar.

“Production at Papua New Guinea returned to normal operations in April and reached record daily LNG production rates in June. Second quarter volume loss associated with the earthquake recovery was 17,000 oil-equivalent barrels per day.”

The company added: “Exxon Mobil Corporation today announced estimated second quarter 2018 earnings of $4 billion, or $0.92 per share assuming dilution, compared with $3.4 billion a year earlier. Cash flow from operations and asset sales was $8.1 billion, including proceeds associated with asset sales of $307 million. During the quarter, the corporation distributed $3.5 billion in dividends to shareholders.”


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