A Glance: Okomu OilPalm Company Plc Q3 ended Sept 2017

  • Okomu OilPalm Company Plc Q3 ‘17 revenue and net income came in at 52.0% and 53.1% respectively compared to Q3 ’16 figures.


  • Revenue was mostly boosted by sales from local market which accounted for 86.7% of the total while export accounted for the remnant (13.3%).


  • Cost of sales spiked by 97.1% due to significant increase in demand for Oil Palm and Rubber products as well as inflation pressure.


  • Growth on finance income was impacted by increased interest return on fixed deposit with DMBs which represents 97% of the total.


  • The increase in debt-to-equity ratio was due to a 5-year term loan obtained from Zenith Bank which expires in August 2020.


  • Our full valuation of the company will be undertaken and communicated soon.


Kindly click here to download the full corporate brief.

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